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Post Malone: Stoney - debut album drop.

Written by Bree Stewart

It’s been at least 170 coffees and several red wines since my last contribution to SYS. Across 2016, various streaming services have been churning out a few decent hooks within the urban music community. Unfortunately, from where these vans are standing, the last twelve months have not graced my ear holes with as many hip hop pioneers, as did previous years.

Lying on my back balcony I kicked off the tedious scroll of Apple Music’s recommended (usually a flat-liner) and there it stood; Post Malone’s latest record - Stoney. With its bold orange cover and alluring co-creators (Kehlani, Bieber & Quavo to name a few), my ears were graced with their first hip hop pioneer of 2016, scraping in at a November drop - better late than never right?


Post Malone, Img via publicist.

The New York born, Texas raised singer/rapper/guitarist kicks off his album with the Americanised opening record Broken Whiskey Glass (enjoy a sneak peek of Post’s love of country music in the framework of this track). Track no. 2 however currently holds favour in my heart, No Lie – the utmost chill beat, subtle vocal effects and Friday night synth takes listener’s back to a sound similar to Cudi’s 2013 experimental tones.

The whole experience is 50 minutes from start to finish, a great teaser for the artist’s European tour kicking off in the coming week. Overall the album is a journey suitable for road trips, one night stands and the Sunday afternoon balcony beers. 100/10 – thanks to the upcoming hip hop pioneer.