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L-Fresh The Lion and Sampa The Great @ Darwin Festival 2016

When two powerhouse Aussie hip hop artists’ a dropped on a bill together, I instantly knew that the night was going to be a killer. 

The Darwin Festival has been getting bigger and bigger, encouraging and showcasing local talent. A festival that clearly believes in supporting its own musicians which is why I was so excited to be a part of it.  

The festival itself is spread out throughout the whole city, it’s where Darwin really comes to light. People around are happy and cheerful, the decor and stunning lights definitely create a beautiful atmosphere. As I walked throughout he gates of the Lighthouse, I was so eager to see what Darwin thought of hip hop. 

The crowd was eagerly awaiting for the Sampa the Great, whilst known to many Sydney-siders it was clear that Darwin was not familiar with this little pocket rocket. With her energy and flawless raps, it didn’t take long for the crowd to get up on their feet and start nodding their heads to the great. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen Sampa perform, but she has definitely kicked up her game with her lyrical skills and stage performance. Her style demands attention, and the crowd is more then willing to give it to her. It wasn’t long until the crowd started getting involved and for the Queens to stand up and support her. 

When Sampa steps off the stage it is clear that the crowd were there for L-Fresh The Lion. His hype-woman Mirrah jumps on stage and quickly gets us in the mood. Her bouncing energy and happiness shines through and it isn’t long until L-Fresh himself pops out. 

L-Fresh comes out rapping and taking over the stage like he owns it. He’s just like reading a book, each song he plays is like reading a chapter in a book. Both revealing, entertaining and making you want more. His heritage and multiculturalism is what brings out the best in L-Fresh, watching the crowd follow his moves and statements with such understanding and respect. Uniting his fans and family together. 

Darwin Festival really stood up, it’s a city that is so culturally diverse and understanding it’s not long until people from all over Australia will be coming to the town to just see the festival come to life.