It's always mermaid season for IAMDDB as she drops "Shade"

Manchester's own IAMDDB has been on the rise her own take on a Flying Lotus beat ‘JAZB’. Expect her to blow up. Her unique flow and wavey vibe is captivating on everythings she has put out to date. Check out her 6-track project, Vibe Vol 2.

Listen to her latest single, "Shade"

Keep your ears laced for IAMDDB and keep it G.



Brisbane Trap King Midas.Gold Drops 'Location' (Prod. Jangus)

There has been a rise of trap artists' in Australia but no-one comes close to Brisbane MC Midas.Gold.

The tredning MC has just released his new banger 'Location' just in time for Bigsound Australia. Make sure you catch him on September 5-8th at The New Wave showcase.

Gold's thrust and drive will see him hit international stardom in no time.




Phoebe Day Evokes Emotion with her Latest Jazz-Soul release ‘Place In Time’

Sydney Jazz/Soul artist Phoebe Day evokes emotion with her vulnerable heart-felt new track ‘Place In Time.’

The sultry tune is a blend of classic jazz and old school soul, fused with contemporary songwriting and production.

The song was influenced by the desire for human connection. It’s about two people finding a sense of belonging in each other when feeling as though they don’t belong to the world. 

Phoebe notes that it’s an addictive sensation once you find that peace through love.

“It’s a very tender and gentle love song that I wrote from a place of true vulnerability,” said Phoebe. 

 “For me, this song is about sharing a part of myself and a part of my journey as artist so far. I feel like I’ve really found my sound with this tune and it’s given me the artistic direction I was looking for,” she said. 

Phoebe’s debut single “Place In Time” is inspired by the changes in her personal and professional life. The music is a reflection of her journey as an artist thus far. Exploring themes of love, loss and change, 

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Phoebe is her own flavour of silky smooth soul. With an unmistakable vocal, the sultry tones of her music are a unique blend of old and new inspired by the greats of jazz, soul, RNB and blues. 

There's a quiet vulnerability in Phoebe's music. It transports the listener into her world, extending a warm invitation to look around and stay a while. Tasty, sophisticated melodies, soothing harmony and laid-back grooves complete her signature sound.






Sydney MC Matt Xander releases a politically charged EP ‘Fornicating Arachnids’ 

Sydney MC Matt Xander has released a politically charged EP dubbed ‘Fornicating Arachnids.'

‘Fornicating Arachnids’ is an EP about corporate greed, politicians and war. Matt does this seamlessly with his tongue-in-cheek rhymes and references to cheesy out-dated sitcoms.  

With this record Matt wants people to care about serious issues but not feel overwhelmed by them and realise that making change doesn't have to come at the expense of having fun.

“This is why I try to add a bit of humour and obscure references throughout the record. I feel like this EP lies somewhere between Rage Against The Machine and Machine Gun Fellatio. Either way, we're a part of the machine,” said Matt. 

Matt brings a new wave of energy that revitalises hip hop. The lead single off the EP ‘Scraping the Barrel’ is a satirical look at the current state of politics, suggesting we’ve not scraped through the bottom of the barrel, we’ve kept going until we’ve dug ourselves a massive hole in the ground.

“In the song I liken politicians to marionettes. I'm saying that in a negative way but they should be puppets, it's just that the wrong people are pulling the strings. It should be us that they listen to,” said Matt.  

“In a way we're all to blame for being too lethargic. We're tuned in to The Apprentice and wonder how we end up with Trump. We're watching The Voice instead having a voice,” he said. 







RnB Singer HASH releases 'CLOSER'

Born in Pakistan, Hash is a musician and producer from Perth, Australia. Starting off with the guitar, he built on his passion for Hip Hop and RnB.

Hash just released 'Closer' which is a track about the cost of your goals and dreams.

Having played and been involved with multiple bands, Hash incorporates a wide variety of genres, styles and influences in his music. 

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