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The rise of MeLo-X



MeLo-X’s first jam session began at the age of seven, when he emptied out his toy boxes and turned them over to become drums.  A musical genius in his own right, he’s been described as an emcee, DJ, experimental music producer with his music and creativity on par with his brother Jesse Boykins III. Stemming from Brooklyn, New York, MeLo-X chats about his creative processes when producing, why Maxwell thanked him for his mix and how coming to Australia with Kid Sister was the turning point in his career. Margaret Tra writes.



You received love for coming to Australia with Kid Sister, what was that like?

It was an amazing feeling.  We toured around Australia for about two weeks as part of the Cream Fields Festival.  I knew I had a following in Australia, but being there truly opened my eyes.  I got a lot of side gigs from friends and promoters who just wanted me to be there to party.  In all actuality, that trip is what made me take my career as a solo artist, and creative 100 per cent full throttle since last year.  It influenced the creation of Mustafa the GODKING: Rise of the Merch and More Merch.

How does it feel to know your music has touched souls here? Possible Australian tour?

It feels good, powerful and humbling.  Just knowing that through the internet my music has touched people, and has reached there iPods while they are at work or just chilling is amazing.  As soon as the big promoters out there start paying attention, I will be touring Australia of course.

You've been described as emcee, DJ, experimental multi-genre music producer, laptop musician, audio engineer and photographer, which one is your favourite?  And what came first?

Being a writer came first.  I started writing poetry at a very young age, and that gradually brought me to being a MC.  I would have to say writing and MCing is my favourite, based on the fact that I can tell my story through my words.

What is your creative process when writing or producing?

It’s very free flowing.  There is no exact process.  Life inspires me, so it can be a song or certain colours that trigger me to create.  In that moment what ever happens, happens.  I either see words or feel sounds and music, and then I start to create. 

Seems you and Jesse Boykins III are joined at the hip these days, what's it like to work with him?

That’s my brother.  We always bring a certain level of creativity to everything we do, so whether it’s video concepts, photos, or songs, we always set a certain high bar for our work.  But with that said, what we do come to us so easy so working with him is a breeze.  We can be in the same room creating, or in different parts of the world sending audio files back and forth and what ever comes out is always amazing. We have about two to three EP’s we are crafting together.

Who influences you?

My friends and family influences me.  I want to make them proud of me.  I want them to be able to look on TV and say I know that person, he is family and he is real and he did it his way.  There are only a few of us out there.  They influence me the most.

When did you know you were a musical genius?

At the age of 7 when I emptied out my toy boxes and turned them over to be my drums, then I grabbed my small piano and my small toy recorder.  I proceeded to record my first jam session.

How did it feel to have Maxwell rave about your mix? 

It was an amazing feeling because I put the project out for free with no direct link to him.  So he must’ve got word about it, or just seen his name buzzing with mine and checked it out.  He hit me up personally to tell me how much he dug the project.  Then a few months later, he had Sony Records purchase my remix to be used on tour out of something that was done free

Still looking for an intern?

I’m always looking but then I end up doing all the work I would have the intern do.  So I’d say within a year I will really need an Intern for sure.  We might have a casting call for my intern.  We shall see.

What stimulates your soul?

Love and Life.  I love living life.  I love finding Love. I love life’s ups and downs. 


Empowering women with Jesse Boykins III 

Jesse Boykins IIIJesse Boykins III on empowering women.

Having just released his album Way of Wayferer’ I decided it’s time I drop part two of my interview with Jesse Boykins III. Jesse speaks about his cinematic music, how his album Love Apparatus is going and empowering women. Margaret Tra writes. 


You started off recording melodies on karaoke machines; did this spark your creativity? And do you encourage people to do the same?

Yes it definitely did spark many things. I mean it’s fun being able to document your thoughts in anything that you do. Creativity can be applied to anything. Music just so happen to be my introduction to it. So I encourage everyone and anyone to accept and attempt to pursue their creativity.




 You read Shakespeare, is this the secret to your style of music?

(Emotional, descriptive, artistic)

I wouldn't call it a secret, definitely an influence. Just being able to express something in story forms and have it relatable and at the same time able to take someone through different emotions is my
favourite. Cinematic music.

Where do you produce your music?

I produce in my room, on a plane, on a bus, pretty much where ever I'm allowed to.

Has Love Apparatus been completed? And how does it differ from your other albums?

It is about 85 per cent done, it’s different because it’s taken me two and half years to complete it. My sound has definitely evolved. My perspective on living has evolved and so has my song writing. Love songs are not only about a relationship between lovers, but love songs about relationships between cultures, influences etc. Machine Drum and myself are taking great pride in the music Love Apparatus has turned out to be, hopefully it will be understood and appreciated by others as much as we understand and appreciate it. I want it to be an unforgettable experience.

Is it your mission in life to make every women feel like you are seducing them on each of your tracks?

[Laughs] My mission? Not at all. I want to more so empower women. It’s more of an appreciation for a woman's mind. I find that women are so powerful and so in-touch with their sensitivity, super aware and
nurturing. Why not uplift that? Women embody art.

Does the music stem from an idea for a song or do you sometimes find the music inspires the song?

Music inspires. Life inspires. It just depends on where you’re at mentally and what you’re listening to or feeling at the time. I have for sure come across music that has lead me to write the most insane and profound things. Like most things balance is both, healthy.

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Creating beauty with Jesse Boykins III

Jesse Boykins III

Jesse Boykins III is New York’s groundbreaking soul artist that has the special gift of making you feel like he’s empowering your emotions within each track. With his timeless sound, Jesse considers himself as a musical explorer. Making his mark in soul music, he walks us through his creative processes, an exclusive of his the upcoming EP Way of Wayfarer and what he really means with his song ‘Come into my room’ in Part One with our interview with Jesse Boykins. Margaret Tra writes.

As an artist who produces and writes your own stuff, what are the creative processes you go through when completing each track? Which do you enjoy more?

I definitely appreciate both sides of creating a song. My process is never the same really; I do what feels good. As far as which I enjoy more, that depends on how I'm feeling.

You studied with Bilal, what was that like? Would you both ever collaborate?

Yeah, I studied under Bilal for three years in college. We talk on the phone all the time about getting up and working on music. It shall happen soon.

What is it like working with your band ‘The Beauty Created’?

My band is amazing, they are all my friends and all appreciate all genres of music just like myself. So if I ever come to them with new music that isn't really classified as soul music, they are down to make
it happen regardless. They understand and want the same growth in our progression as I do.

'Come to my room' is definitely a make love song, what was your inspiration behind that and how does it feel to have that effect on people through your songs?

My inspiration behind that song had a lot to do with me going back in my mind about my younger days and not really being able to ask a girl to come to my room. But then I took it a step further, ‘Come To
My Room’ really to me means be a part of my world. It’s an honour to have people appreciate my song writing, because I take great pride in my lyricism.

You’ve worked with a lot of artists The Foreign Exchange, Theophilus London to name a few, what project was your favourite? And who is your ideal person to work with?

I really appreciate being able to collaborate, currently I have been doing a lot of collaborations with MeLo - X and Machine Drum . Currently they are my favourite cats to work with, but I am very grateful to collaborate with passionate artists like Phonte and Theophilus. I like working with people who realise and acknowledge the vibe there in, the purest form of music happens that way, aware artists.

What are your thoughts on Australian fans? And how does it feel to know that your music has reached souls here?

I love the fact that my music has reached Australia. I feel as if people in Australia appreciate music and hold good music in higher regard than we do in the States. It feels amazing to know just how
powerful music is. You always realise that by how it travels.

Possible Australian tour?

Anything is possible and most likely happens when spoken into existence. With that being said, I will see Australia soon.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I am releasing an EP called "Way of a Wayfarer" this month. Also a lot more music to be released this year, alongside my 3rd official release"Love Apparatus" set to come out in the fall.


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Digging in Full Crate

Full Crate

Full Crate can be described as Electronic-Future-Dust-Nu-Jazz-Pain-Sub-Soul, or something along the lines of that. One man with many talents, his music captivates you emotionally with his EP Conversations with Her featuring Mar. He's an Amsterdam music producer that believes in the don't think just create mentality. With influences such as Michael Jackson, Jesse Boykins in addition to art and film. I dig into Full Crate about his creative processes, the cheapest record he has ever found and an exclusive of which artist he is featuring in his upcoming EP to be released later this year. Margaret Tra writes.

What’s the music scene like in Netherlands/Amsterdam in comparison to the rest of the world? Does culture influence your music?

The scene here is inspiring, especially the beat scene it's dope! Lots of great producers, and people are very down to earth, which is really nice and inspiring! Culture definitely influences my music.

You released frequent mixtapes (done one for Carhatt, Barcardi) How long does it take you? And what is your inspiration behind it?

Making a mixtape goes differently each time, it depends on the songs. Sometime I'm done in one take and sometimes I'm busy all day. The inspiration, just like with producing, could come from anything and anywhere. This could come from my friends to other music.

You have a classical music background tell us about it?

At the age of five I started learning how to play the piano, and not much later I got accepted to the pre-conservatory (also known as the music school). There I studied piano and choir as my main subjects.

You said electric wire hustle and Jesse Boykins are influences as well art and film, could you divulge anymore secrets?

I can say that me and Jesse are working on a EP that should come out this year.

You did an interpretation of Lil Wayne - I'm Single, what was the inspiration behind this? Is he an artist you would like to work with?

Well, first off, its Mar's project and I had almost nothing to do with this song, except telling him that he should take this song and variant it for his 'Mar Variations' project. I helped him mix it that's all. And yeah I would definitely want to work with Lil Wayne, who wouldn't?

You are a record collector, what is the cheapest and favourite record you have ever found?

Hmm, good question. Not sure which one, I think it was a 7" by 'The Stylistics' that 9th Wonder used for the 'Lovin' it' joint with Little Brother. I wasn't even looking for it, but was very happy to find it.

You’re childhood friends with Mar? Were you two musical kids bouncing off each other? What was that like and how does it feel to work with him now?

I got to know Mar at high school, we ended up being in the same class. Very quickly we became close friends, also because of the musical taste we shared. We pretty much did everything that had to do with music. I remember we used to stay extra-long at school so we can use the music class room to rehearse and try to play different instruments. Now, it's like second nature to work with Mar. We understand each other perfectly.

All your video clips and promotional artwork have this very artistic feel that fits perfectly with your lush sounds, is simplicity the key?

Simplicity works, when you need it to work. Some songs need a more complicated approach than others. I think that the video's and all the visual represent your work as an artist just like the music does. It needs to lift each other to a whole new level.

Latest Subs, Dust & Synths? Tell us about it.

Well, my good friends from the Vage Gasten (a dope collective of different creatives') asked me to make a podcast for them and I ended up making Subs, Dust & Synths. Some people might expect more mellow stuff from me, but when I DJ it could go to all kinds of directions.

How does it feel to have Australian fans?

It feels great! Didn't even knew I had fans over there (he laughs). An Australian tour is something that definitely could happen in the nearest future.

I said, captivates you emotionally. Is there a story that sparked this song?

Yes there is, almost all the songs on the Conversation With Her EP are true stories. In case of 'I Said' it's Mar's story. It was his way of regretting some things he said and done. Listen to the lyrics closely, Mar is pure with them lyrics.

Your sound is almost angelic, choir like, was this your intention? 

To be honest, no idea. I just create what-ever I feel like creating. It depends on the mood, people and projects. As soon as you start making music with intentions, you start focusing on the wrong things, well that happens with me. Just don't think and create! 


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