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PBS FM 106.7 FM Radio Festival 2017 Launches Today 

The time has come! Just after midnight this morning, the 2017 PBS 106.7FM Radio Festival rocket launched into the stratosphere for a vital mission.

From today until Sunday May 28th, PBS are calling on listeners to take One Small Step and join the PBS constellation by signing up as a member to the station.

In 1961 Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into outer space.  Eight years later American Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon and proclaimed it to be “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. When Armstrong was taking that first small step in 1969 there was already a movement of people here in Australia pushing for the introduction of ‘listener funded radio’. These were the pioneers of radio space and their work was indeed a giant leap forward for free-to-air radio. To this day, we remain an independent, non-profit community radio station, and are heavily reliant on listener support to stay in orbit, filling the galaxy with the very best music planet Earth has to offer.

Radio Festival is our most important fundraiser of the year – and it is only with a meteor shower of support from our community that we’ll have enough rocket fuel to keep us in orbit for another year to keep bringing all the best music to your ears and supporting the local music scene! That’s why we’re offering many membership incentives such as exclusive compilations of Studio 5 Live recordings, t-shirts and, of course, an astronomical collection of prizes!

All they need is for their listeners to simply pick up the phone, or get online and become a member of PBS... If you want to take that One Small Step from being a listener to being a member and keep us circling the sun, call us on 03 8415 1067 or sign up online here to join our community.

PBS Radio Festival 2017: One Small Step

May 15-May 28 2017

More details and sign up here

Ph: (03) 8415 1067

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