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The Pharcyde launch their own TV Channel to Build a new avenue for creatives

Infamous hip hop group The Pharcyde have launched a new TV channel ‘The Pharcyde TV’ (PHTV) aimed to create a global network of like minded creatives. 

Bootie Brown says he started the channel originally to market their own music. He goes on to say that “It's been a challenge to find companies who do what they are supposed to do after paying or promised that they are committet to your project," 

“At the same time through out our 25+ years I have met people who I feel are passionate as myself in breaking the cycle of monotony and would like to contribute another angle aside of the norm. I want to create a Global network of like minded individuals who will shake up the industry,” he said. 

The channel so far features collectives around the world with video interviews from Dutch music journalist Payology, SYS Sessions and SYS Radio from Australian music journalist Maggie Tra, Latina DJ and Radio Host Lucy Sarabia with Firme Radio, "Splendid Radio" with Imani, Ta'Raach & Schmooche AND free online yoga classes with Yoga Buzz (From St. Louis, Missouri). 

PHTV will also work as a pay-on demand channel “Flickss." Allowing users to watch movies and documentaries through the channel at a price. 

“The Unseen” will be PHTV's first documentary starting in October. The Unseen - A Detroit Beat Tape is a film by Gus Sutherland, a young director from Belfast who we discovered had interviewed artists and edited new and archival footage from the defining "Hip Hop Shop Era" of Detroit.  The film will also be accompanied by a soon to be released soundtrack.


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Stimulate Your Soul Teams Up With The Pharcyde TV

Stimulate Your Soul and hip hop legends The Pharcyde have teamed up together and will be bringing you Stimulated Sessions on The Pharcyde TV.

The collboration was brought together when Bootie Brown approached the boss Maggie Tra to be involved with having her own Channel.

The joint venture will bring Aussie artists' closer to the States and ensure that independent musicians get a world wide platform. 

The Channel will launch this week and you can watch the show here: 


Stimulate Your Soul Radio dropping soon...


Stimulate Your Soul will be launching our very own radio show soon. Here is a teaser introduction done by the very talented producer Average Stranger. Shout-out to our good friends Bootie Brown, Dwele and DJ Lord Jazz for the drops. Keeping you Stimulated by interviews and music from your urban artists' across the globe.