BIG DADDY KANE Australian Tour Video Drop


From Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to Australia – legendary Big Daddy Kane has announced his Meredith Music Festival sideshows for Sydney and Melbourne in December.  

He's dropped a video to show some love to his fans, this will be the first time he's hit Aussie shores. So make sure you don't miss out on this legend. 


Brother Ali announces Three Support Acts for Sydney Show


Minneapolis’s very own hip hop legend Brother Ali has announced three special support acts for his Sydney show which will include Big Village’s MC Mathas, DJs Raine Supreme and Frenzie. 

The local acts will brush sleeves with Brother Ali on the night, providing killer performances and vibes from Australia’s very best.

Mathas is a Perth MC and a ferociously talented songwriter and producer. A poet and performer Mathas has many accolades up his sleeve, including being the first ever rap or electronic artist to win the WA Music Industry’s coveted Song of the Year award, being named in Triple J presenter Dom Alessio’s Top 10 tracks of 2013 and winning the 2012, 2013 and 2014 WAM Award for Urban Act of the Year


Frenzie has been around the block more than a few times. He's got over twenty-five years of experience behind him, a record collection that will make any deejay envious, and a concrete rep as one of Australia’s most trusted party rockers. A veteran touring DJ of the Australian east coast, in 2014 Frenzie also rocked dance floors from San Francisco and New York to London and Asia. 

Raine Supreme 

Raine Supreme was raised in the inner city of Sydney during the 80’s. Raine couldn't help but be infatuated with the growing scene of chaos and fresh styles around him that he would come to know as hip hop. Since cutting his teeth in the DJ scene of the late 90s and early 2000s Raine has supported some of the most legendary names in the scene, artists such as - Jurassic 5, Apollo Brown, Dj JS1, Delta, Boogie Blind, Total Eclipse, Def Wish Cast, Exile, Pharoahe Monch and many more. 

Brother Ali will also performing in Melbourne and Canberra in the following dates:

Tour Dates

September 11 | Sydney | Oxford Art Factory

September 13 | Melbourne | Laundry Bar

September 14 | Canberra | Transit Bar


Slingshot Touring


Brother Ali

Raine Supreme



Kendrick Lamar interviews N.W.A About Coming 'Straight Outta Compton' and Rap Changing the World

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There is nothing more amazing then witnessing your favourite rapper, interview his. Kendrick Lamar proper geeked out interviewing N.W.A members Ice Cube, DJ Yella, MC Ren and Dr Dre. 

The interview keeps you on your toes and makes you really feel like hip hop truly is alive. With the group even saying that they thought they were big then that now, they will even be bigger. 

We could go on and quote you what each member has said that struck a chord for us, but one did hit us pretty hard as creatives that love hip hop and do it all for the love of music. 

"You're never poor, when you're doing something creating" Ice Cube.

Watch it here.



MF Doom has some goodbye words for Sean Price

The hip hop world has been left with heavy hearts after hearing about the loss of the most incredible MC Sean Price. 

While many artists' have taken to social media to relive their last moment with Sean Price, MF Doom has recorded a little message to him which was posted yesterday with a link of where you can donate to Sean Price's family.

We did, so we strongly hope you do as well.

Rest in peace Sean Price. 


How one post from a Collective Shout supporter contradicts its banning of Tyler The Creator campaign


News broke that Tyler The Creator cancelled his shows in Australia. While most of us hip hop heads find it hard enough to see our favourite acts, we are now in danger of having to deal with organisations trying to ban artists’ that have not been convicted of any crimes, but purely banned for their lyrical content. 

Many have taken to Facebook to express their views, of course there are many that are in support of the movement, with the group even dubbing it a ‘win.’ The fact is, it is not a win. Their ‘win’ involves bullying an artist to no longer play for a country that where he clearly has a great following. They have also managed to use feminism as a case. This is why we can't have nice things people. 

There was one Facebook post that does however clearly sum up the irony of the whole campaign. The post highlights how everyone’s opinion is different and hopes for Tyler supporters to “respect other people enough to recognise that not everyone is going to agree with you.” Right… isn’t this exactly the opposite of what you’re celebrating here?

This of course is my opinion. And well if you don't like it, well I hope you can let me speak my mind freely. 

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